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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
VR Movers Safe Movers

There’s tons of safes around, they come in all kind of sizes, shapes & weight. When we say size does matter, we really do mean it.
We determine the way we move a safe by its weight, size and shape. No matter how heavy or how bulky your safe is, we have all kind of tools and equipment to move your safe. Do not be deceived by its individual size as some safe could weigh up to a ton! Whether you are looking to move your safe within the same level or to have your safe moved up a flight of stair, we are devoted to moving your safe in the safest possible way.

Safe Moving Packages

Household Safes
Moving of household safes may seem like an easy job, but without proper handling & manpower you might end up injuring yourself!

Package includes:


  • Packing of safe
  • Manpower for Relocation
  • Placing the at the Desired Location

Office/Documents Safes
Fireproof safes are usually one of the heaviest amongst all, this package is catered for offices who require moving their safe that may weight up to 300kg!

Package includes:


  • Professional Consultant for an On-Site Assessment of Safe
  • Proper Packing & Handling of Safe
  • Special Tool & Manpower for Relocation
  • Placing of Safe at the Desired Location

Industrial Safes
This package is best for office's or factories that require moving their industrial safe that may weight up to a few tons.

Package includes:


  • Professional Consultant for an On Site Assessment of Safe
  • Risk Assessing
  • Proper Packing & Handling of Safe
  • Proper Protection of Flooring to avoid Damages
  • Special Equipment/Tools & Manpower for Relocation
  • Placing of Safe at the Desired Location

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At VR Movers House, we understand that the home moving process can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Thus we always pay attention to your specific needs to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free. Be it a house moving or removal service, we have delivered with exceptional professionalism for all our projects in Singapore.
We Are Professionals
As an experienced house moving company in Singapore, we know that moving a house is more than simply moving personal items. It is about moving your home with all your memories intact. This is why our team of house movers is well equipped with the tools, equipment and skill sets to handle bulky furniture or items that require special care.

We Help Save Time and Money
We don’t have any hidden cost or fuel charges. For every residential moving assignment our house movers undertake in Singapore, our company provides quotation and charges based on the list of agreed items. Along with that, our team adopts systematic and organised planning that saves time in relocation and saves unnecessary house removal costs.
We Put Ourselves in Our Clients’ Shoes
We understand the pain and trouble of house removal and relocation. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our services to be more efficient. One of our innovations is a Custom Trolley Rack for clothes which saves our clients hours of packing and unpacking.

With our years of experience and listening to our clients’ feedback, we’re confident in making your home move an organised process that saves time, energy and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do VR Movers move a big and bulky safe deposit box?

    First of all we will cover the outer part of the safe with cupboards and subsequently shrink wrap the safe.

  • What should I do before calling up VR Movers safes movers?

    Kindly check the specification for the Weight, Brand & Model of your Safe prior to calling us.
    Should you not be able to provide the details, kindly call us up at +6597795532 & our consultant will be able to assist you further.

  • I have a small safe deposit box to move, how will VR Movers transport it?

    For smaller type of safe deposit box, we will use hand trucks or by manpower. It is advisable to specify the dimension and weight.

  • Is it safe to leave my valuables inside of the deposit box during moving?

    No, Leaving valuables inside of the safe deposit box during transit is strongly not recommended.
    It will add more weight to the safe and items kept inside might shift around resulting in unwanted damage.

Why Choose VR Movers Safe Movers?
VR Movers understand how difficult it is to move a safe, especially those weighing over 100kg. Equipped with years of experience with moving of safes across the whole of Singapore, and of course the specialist and tools, we are confident that we can relocate any type of safe to any part of Singapore.

There is a lot of risk involved when it comes to moving a heavy duty safe. By choosing VR Movers Safe Movers, you are mitigating the risk and possible loss factor associated with moving a safe. What sets us apart other than the tools required, is our ability to assess the risks and to undertake a more effective way to relocate your safe without affecting the scheduled timeline or resources allocated.

By Choosing VR Movers Safe Movers, you are working with nothing but the best movers amongst the rest.

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