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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
VR Movers Piano Movers
We understand that your piano not only costs a bomb but it also carries a sentimental value. Our piano specialists are known for implementing the right techniques to handle such a delicate but heavy item.
Our team of professional piano movers in Singapore have been exposed to handling a piano from the day they started their journey as piano specialists. They take charge of moving and disposing of hundreds of pianos every month. Equipped with the right tools, technical skills, strength and knowledge, they are able to swiftly transport your piano from your home to the destination address.

Piano Moving Packages

Upright Piano Move
Armed with the right tools and equipment, our team of movers will relocate your piano in a swift and smooth manner.

Package includes:


  • Proper protection of your upright piano using packing materials like carton boxes, bubble wrap and foam to avoid any damages during the relocation.
  • Special team of movers who are trained with a high level of endurance to withstand the weight of the piano.
  • Labourto bring piano down via staircase if required.
Grand Piano Moving Services
Having moved many Baby Grand Pianos and Concert Pianos, our movers will handle your functions and events in a swift and efficient manner. Choose us for a hassle and stress-free experience!

Package includes:


  • Professional dismantling & assembling of grand piano's legs.
  • Usage of packing material for better protection of your grand piano
  • Special team of movers who are trained with a high level of endurance
  • Labour to bring piano down via staircase if required (at least 2 experts)

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How do we perform our Piano Moving and Disposal Service in Singapore?

Our friendly service staff will assist you with your queries and help you understand what services you require
With an understanding of what is required, our service staff will book an appointment for you
Store your items in our secured warehouse


At VR Movers House, we understand that the home moving process can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Thus we always pay attention to your specific needs to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free. Be it a house moving or removal service, we have delivered with exceptional professionalism for all our projects in Singapore.
We Are Professionals
As an experienced house moving company in Singapore, we know that moving a house is more than simply moving personal items. It is about moving your home with all your memories intact. This is why our team of house movers is well equipped with the tools, equipment and skill sets to handle bulky furniture or items that require special care.

We Help Save Time and Money
We don’t have any hidden cost or fuel charges. For every residential moving assignment our house movers undertake in Singapore, our company provides quotation and charges based on the list of agreed items. Along with that, our team adopts systematic and organised planning that saves time in relocation and saves unnecessary house removal costs.
We Put Ourselves in Our Clients’ Shoes
We understand the pain and trouble of house removal and relocation. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our services to be more efficient. One of our innovations is a Custom Trolley Rack for clothes which saves our clients hours of packing and unpacking.

With our years of experience and listening to our clients’ feedback, we’re confident in making your home move an organised process that saves time, energy and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your movers experienced in moving a piano?

    Our movers are all highly skilled when it comes to moving of the piano, be it the normal upright piano or the grand piano.

    We currently relocate more than 200 pianos on average every year.

  • What will be used for protection during the move?

    Protective materials such as plastic shrink wrap, carton boxes, corrugated paper or blanket will be used depending on what is required.

  • What details do I need to provide for my piano relocation or disposal in Singapore?

    It is best to advise us with the actual weight and type of the piano as this will allow our movers to prepare well before the relocation or disposal.

Why Choose VRMovers Piano Movers in Singapore?
VR Movers Piano Movers are a special team of people consisting of the most experienced piano handlers in Singapore. We have accumulated years and years of experience managing upright pianos, baby grand pianos and concert grand pianos and delivering these pianos via stairs. We are proud to share our experiences with you and fulfil your specific requirements.

What sets us apart is not the exposure we have had over the years but our ability to learn from each event. Each move is different, and each difference is a lesson. Choosing the right team to relocate your piano makes all the difference. Each team member is equipped with the right technical skill, training, strength and knowledge on how to handle a piano in different situations.

The key to a successful piano move, is teamwork and teamwork is VR Movers. Engage our piano moving and disposal service in Singapore now.

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