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It might look like a very tall order, but you do not have to play victim to the cauldron of stress and anxiety that looms behind the whole procedure. The keyword here is the same as any other  job you might have in your life; Preparedness. Reading this guide is the first step towards accomplishing that, as we have put together a list that is as easy as the alphabet.


Preparedness Checklist:


  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Organisation
  • Administration
  • Packing
  • Last things
  • Moving Day
  • Unpacking


Be sure to follow this guide to the letter. However, you may make certain changes that suit the circumstances that you are encountering.

Relocation to your new premises can be a very daunting task, and it is very likely that you can be overwhelmed by the whole process.

As with many other big tasks that you might have to face the whole of your lifetime, one of the most crucial elements here is definitely analysis of the current situation. For moving, some examples are the conditions of your new area, any legal red tape that surround the whole operation of moving your home or office, and the many local removal companies that are best suited for your needs. It is nice to have some ammo in your rifle before heading off to war, else you would be captured with your pants down.


Before moving, you will definitely feel the strain of the workload and the administration involved in the whole task. However, that can be countered by trying to put some spark into these otherwise soul-consuming tasks. Although moving could be a spanner thrown into the cogs of your life, it can also be an enriching learning experience about your new area, or even discovering some things about yourself that may have stayed hidden for a long time. Why not begin by looking into:


  • Your new area (especially for moves from areas like Changi to Jurong)

  • Nearby Community Centres or Swimming Complexes

  • Activities for Children

  • Facebook Community Groups
Two Months Before The Move – Planning

Select a moving company, and get a quote.


The optimum time to secure your slot with a local moving company is usually around two months before your slated move date. With Vimbox Movers, you can save up to 30% in total moving costs. However, no matter which mover you select, their slots are usually filled up in advance, so it is recommended that you book them as soon as possible as months like May and June are peak moving times.


Claim your leaves


No matter how efficient your chosen moving company is, relocation definitely will take up a huge chunk of your time. You need enough time off to settle the whole shebang before and after moving day. You will definitely be busy the day before you move, but it can also be a pretty fun affair as you can spend time with your partner and your kids (if you have any), as you prep things up for moving day. You can look forward to sleeping with them on a hard mattress on the floor as you probably would have dismantled your beds in prospect of loading up your furniture on the moving truck the next day. It may sound like hard work, but you definitely can make the whole affair a fun experience for the whole family!


Collate your Documents


Get rid of the trouble of frantically looking high and low for your birth certificates and car insurance policies a week before the move, by actually collecting such documents and placing them in a safe place way in advance. This way, you will know exactly where your sensitive documents are and it will save you from the hassle of looking for your passport just before that important business trip to JB or Hong Kong. Put all these items in a marked folder and you can pack the folder with the Personal Box that we have discussed about in our guide – What NOT to pack.


New Schools

If you are going to move from let’s say Jurong West to Pasir Ris, and you have three kids attending primary school nearby your current location, it may be a hassle for them to go to school once you have moved to pasir ris, due to distance. If it is two months before moving day and you have not looked into this yet, it may be a good idea to make plans to transfer your kids to a closer school around your district. Meet up with your child’s teacher to discuss the possibility of transferring them to a primary school nearer to your area. They will definitely try to facilitate the process as smoothly as possible.


Buy Boxes

If you are not going to use the packing services from your moving company, it will be prudent for you to collect your own boxes to pack your items in. If getting a hold of these boxes are proving to be a chore for you, such companies usually have the option of supplying you the materials or you can purchase said material from them. It is usually good to pack smaller items way in advance so you can concentrate on the bigger items the day before the move.

Your removal costs will depend very much on the volume of your belongings. You don’t need to lug all your unwanted, un-needed items with you to your new home. Having a good old fashioned clear out will save you some pennies, and let’s face it when you’re moving house, every single penny counts!


Your moving costs are usually dictated by the number of items you are going to move. To save costs, you should throw out some stuff that you will not need at your new home. Clearing out such items will give you less items to organise at your new home and save you a few dollars.


The basic organisation rules:


  • Have you used it the last six months? No? Dispose.
  • Did you find something that you forgot you owned? Yes? Dispose.
  • If it’s broken, toss it. Broken items beyond repair? Yes? Dispose.
  • Does it have any sentimental value to you although it is a useless item? No? Dispose.
  • Is it useful to you or your dog in any way? No? Dispose.

    One Month Before The Move – Administration   Paperwork   Sign the contracts with your moving company and ensure your slot is available. Make sure everything is confirmed for your day of move.   Utilities   Inform your utilities company like Singapore Power and Singtel the confirmed date of move. You can actually cut off some of the services early so you save some money before you move to your new house. You can probably survive without internet or a landline for a month or so, especially since you can do things with 4G nowadays. You can ask your service providers to continue with their services at your new premises after the move.   Change Address   VR Movers has a guide on changing of address on our website. Take a look at this guide to be well prepared on this aspect.   The Day Before – The Concluding   The day before moving day is your last chance to review the status of all your goods and furniture. Run through the checklist and ensure that everything is prepared for the move.   Moving Day Survival Kit   Prepare a moving day survival kit by collecting these items:  
  • Pyjamas
  • Bedding
  • Change of clothes
  • Phone charger
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning Products
  • Toolkit
  • Soap
  • Kettle
  • Tea, Coffee, Sugar
  • Milk


Do not forget the items for your kids too!


Your final moving checklist:


  • Ensure that the moving truck can access the nearest carpark to your house.
  • Make sure all your sensitive documents are inside your personals box.
  • Make sure your house is clean.
  • If you have any new occupants coming in, write some note explaining the various quirks of your home, like creaky doors or safety regulations for household appliances.
  • Order some fast food for your final night.


Moving Day – The day of Reckoning!


The time has come. You’ve spent the past two months preparing for this day, and now you are ready to fight this battle.


The Moving Day Checklist!


  • Wake up early so you can receive your moving company on time and begin the move right away.
  • Bare up your beds or mattresses and take down any curtains you may have left up last night.
  • Talk to the movers so they are aware what to move and what you are bringing on your own. You can also inform them regarding which items need more care.
  • Make sure your windows are secure before you leave.
  • Make sure your water, electricity and gas are turned off before you leave.
  • Give your moving company your emergency contacts.


Once all your stuffs are safely moved into your new premises, check out our moving in checklist and change of address checklist to ensure you have not forgotten anything.

Six Weeks Before The Move – Organisation
Last Minute Moving
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