Last Minute Moving

Sometimes, there can be hectic situations where we may have to move house on short notice. Many people can be stuck in a strange situation where they get evicted and have to move house in a very small window of time, and some people have to sell their houses immediately as they are bearing huge financial burdens. Others may have to move due to work commitments or opportunities that require them to change location as soon as possible. You might hear demoralizing stuff from your friends and neighbours that moving houses so soon is an insurmountable task, but do not worry. It can be done. We will show you how.

The most important thing to consider is organisation. When you have too little time to complete such a daunting venture successfully, you need to carefully assess the situation and organise everything to the point.

Time is ticking away, so use these tips to get yourself started!
How to Move House at Short Notice

There are times where you find that things are way out of your grasp, and it can be a very stressful situation. Especially for those people who are very detail oriented and love having everything under control all the time.

Our Guide To Moving At Short Notice


  • Get Started
  • Compare and Book
  • Full Packing Service
  • Call for Backup
  • Keep Calm

Get Started


First and foremost, gather the train of thoughts in the type of services you are required to engage, and the sequences of services required for your relocation project. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that moving house so suddenly is almost mission impossible. Henceforth, do not waste your time procrastinating. Get started immediately and contact VR House Movers now!


Compare and Book


Although the usual state of affairs would be booking the moving company way in advance, it is possible to hire them on short notice. Collect the numbers of different moving companies and call them up immediately. Explain your situation and ask them for an urgent quotation. They just might be the perfect fit for your dismal situation.


A common misconception of the last-minute move would be tossing all your goods into those black garbage bags and loading it up into your car with your friends and relatives chipping in. However, that should not be the case. Although you may have a short time to get yourself prepared for moving, a professional moving company like VR Movers can have a strong impact on your moving efficiency. They can handle everything in a short time and not fazed by the small-time window.


Choose a Full Packing Service


What you need is an easy and swift moving experience to make full use of the short time you have been given to move to your new premises. So opt for a full packing service from your chosen moving company. They will come over to your place and pack all your stuff efficiently and quickly. It is definitely a sight to behold.


To ensure a much smoother moving experience even with the rush and hectic circumstances you have been thrown into, and to save some money from the moving costs, be decisive. Toss out everything that you do not use, do not need and do not want. Try to toss out everything you can. This would mean you have lesser belongings to be moved which will save you time and money.


Seek for Additional Supportive Roles


Although a removal company can relieve an immense amount of pressure on your moving time crunch especially when it comes to packing and moving of your items, there may be other issues that you need to address to immediately in that short timeframe. Having said that, it would be beneficial to seek the additional supportive role, especially when you have children and pet(s). We truly believe your friends and/or family will be more than happy to help babysit your children and your pet(s).


Keep Calm


The last thing you should do right now is to panic. You must keep a clear mind although the situation might be very busy and seemingly haphazard. However, if you keep a clear and concise mind, and make sure everything is organised as you planned, it will not be a huge problem, Do not rush any decisions to any processes. Work quickly and work smart.


You can refer to our moving house checklist, but adapt it to suit your compressed timeline. Do not worry, it will still work out.


Good luck, you can do it.

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