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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
VR Hackers Handyman Services

VR Hackers Handyman Services are catered specifically for you to make your new house look and feel like a home for you and your loved ones. With our professional team of handyman, those frustrating little odd jobs can completed in a matter of hours. Our Promise to you: VR Hackers Handyman makes your house feel like a home.

If your move has worn you out but you still have those little, frustrating odd jobs, why not request for one of our handymen to complete those final touches. We are more than happy to provide top handyman services and our expert, professionally trained handyman can assist you with most of those odd little jobs around your new home. Our aim is to ensure your house looks and feels like your new home.

Handyman Services

Installation / Removal of TV Brackets

With VR Movers Handyman at your service, you no longer have to worry about uneven TV Brackets. We will also patch up the holes left behind by removing a TV Bracket so that it looks as good as new.

Installation / Removal of TV Brackets
Dismantling & Assembling of Complex Furniture

Our specialists are equipped with both the knowledge and technical skills to ensure that all complex items are dismantled safely and assembled to its original condition. We assure you the best and most costs effective solution.

Dismantling & Assembling of Complex Furniture
Electrical works
We are EMA licensed, professional electricians who can authoritatively inspect wiring and rectify faulty installations, delivering guaranteed results. Accountability is a priority and all our works are subject to inspection to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Plumbing works

Fresh water / Waste water Blockages / end to end plumbing activities

Our plumbing work is dedicated to provide you with the right plumbing services and hardware, at the same time, we are to provide useful plumbing tips to enable you to carry out minor repairs on your own.

Common problems experienced by Singaporeans include pipe blockages, water leakage or even copper pipes sweating (i.e. oxidation). This site is your first and final resource station for all problems related to plumbing. Be it plumbers on 24-hours' duty, or even DIY plumbing, this webpage will render sufficient assistance to ensure you will never sigh in helplessness at the sight of such problems ever again.
Any Fitting work

End to End fitting works under taken

Fitting work includes laying out, various cutting operations, filing, threading, bending and straightening, lapping, drilling, countersinking, reaming, riveting, and soldering.
Any Patch work

End to End patch works under taken both exterior & interior

Simple wall patches can cover even large holes, rendering the damage invisible with just a touch of paint. Covering the patch correctly ensures that any previous damage is completely camouflaged so the repair doesn't stand out later. Typically consisting of drywall compound, patches can absorb paint and make the paint color vary slightly from the surrounding wall. Applying a primer as a first coat prevents paint absorption and makes it easier to blend the patch into the surrounding wall.

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How Does Our Service Work?

Our friendly service staff will assist you with your queries and help you understand what services you require
or call our service hotline at +6597795532
With an understanding of what is required, our service staff will book an appointment for you
Our specialist will help you load your cargo into an empty container which is then sealed


At VR Movers House, we understand that the home moving process can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Thus we always pay attention to your specific needs to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free. Be it a house moving or removal service, we have delivered with exceptional professionalism for all our projects in Singapore.

We Are Professionals
As an experienced house moving company in Singapore, we know that moving a house is more than simply moving personal items. It is about moving your home with all your memories intact. This is why our team of house movers is well equipped with the tools, equipment and skill sets to handle bulky furniture or items that require special care.

We Help Save Time and Money
We don’t have any hidden cost or fuel charges. For every residential moving assignment our house movers undertake in Singapore, our company provides quotation and charges based on the list of agreed items. Along with that, our team adopts systematic and organised planning that saves time in relocation and saves unnecessary house removal costs.
We Put Ourselves in Our Clients’ Shoes
We understand the pain and trouble of house removal and relocation. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our services to be more efficient. One of our innovations is a Custom Trolley Rack for clothes which saves our clients hours of packing and unpacking.

With our years of experience and listening to our clients’ feedback, we’re confident in making your home move an organised process that saves time, energy and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Neatest Choice for Packing & Unpacking in Singapore
Whether you are moving locally or abroad, we offer a professional and reliable packing and moving services. Our staff are trained to a high standard of training for most household items. We are also capable of packing fragile & dedicated items, everything from the bulkiest to the fragile & valuables. Having packed a thousand house for local move and international move, our packers have built up the necessary experiences to be able to cope with different scenarios of all shapes and sizes

Requirements for packing may differ between customers, and VR Movers will be your first choice for packing as we cater for different and specials need depending on your requirement. We have got a various package of services as per your needs, VR Movers is able to provide a full and secure packing that greatly reduce the possibility of damages during the course of the move!

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