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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
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We are proud to have more than 80% referral rates from satisfied customers who engaged our services.
VR Movers Disposal Services in Singapore

Our disposal services in Singapore will help you make room for new furniture and are 100% certificated.
VR Movers Disposal Services provides you with the option to have your disposal service witnessed and/or certificated in Singapore. Apart from the bulky item disposal, VR Movers Singapore assures you that the confidentiality of your company or personal documents being disposed of is highly guarded during the destruction process.

You can pick your choice of disposal service from our range, which includes the provision of skid tanks at your disposal site and transportation of all your unwanted items to an approved disposal ground.

Storage Rental Packages

Disposal With Certificate
As a trusted disposal company in Singapore, we offer certificates of destruction, pluping and recycling for the disposal of your any bulky item and highly sensitive documents. We guarantee optimal confidentiality of your sensitive documents.

Package includes:


  • 24 hours security of the warehouse
  • Palletize& Packing of all household goods & cargo
  • Manifest for accountability of items
  • Monthly fumigation of warehouse
  • Insurance for fire & water leakage
Transparent Disposal Service
On top of offering a certificate of destruction for our disposal services in Singapore, we also offer the option to witness the disposal/destruction process. We understand that some documents are extremely sensitive and to offer peace of mind, why not witness the destruction?

Package includes:


  • Packing Services of Cartons
  • Dismantling & Packing of all furniture & items
  • Transportation of items to storage
  • VR Movers Storage Services
  • Transportation of furniture & items back
  • Assembling & Unpacking of furniture
  • Unpacking Services of Cartons

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Providing you with the final touches that make your new house a home.
We provide different packages to satisfy different needs of our customers.

How Does Our Disposal Service Work?

Our friendly service staff will assist you with your queries and help you understand what services you require
With an understanding of what is required, our service staff will book an appointment for you
Store your items in our secured warehouse


At VR Movers House, we understand that the home moving process can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. Thus we always pay attention to your specific needs to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free. Be it a house moving or removal service, we have delivered with exceptional professionalism for all our projects in Singapore.
We Are Professionals
As an experienced house moving company in Singapore, we know that moving a house is more than simply moving personal items. It is about moving your home with all your memories intact. This is why our team of house movers is well equipped with the tools, equipment and skill sets to handle bulky furniture or items that require special care.

We Help Save Time and Money
We don’t have any hidden cost or fuel charges. For every residential moving assignment our house movers undertake in Singapore, our company provides quotation and charges based on the list of agreed items. Along with that, our team adopts systematic and organised planning that saves time in relocation and saves unnecessary house removal costs.
We Put Ourselves in Our Clients’ Shoes
We understand the pain and trouble of house removal and relocation. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our services to be more efficient. One of our innovations is a Custom Trolley Rack for clothes which saves our clients hours of packing and unpacking.

With our years of experience and listening to our clients’ feedback, we’re confident in making your home move an organised process that saves time, energy and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does VR Movers Singapore provide shredding services?

    Yes, we do provide shredding services along with the certificate of destruction as part of our disposal service.

  • Will VR Movers pay me for the furniture that I am disposing of?

    No. VR Movers makes regular trips to the incineration plant for disposal. If the furniture is still in good condition, we will give them to the less fortunate.

  • I have old furniture that needs to be thrown away. Can VR Movers help to dispose of it below my block?

    No. It is illegal to dump furniture outside of the home or below the HDB.

Why Choose VRMovers Disposal Services in Singapore?
VR Movers Singapore is also a reliable disposal company specialising in tailor-made disposal services. We will spend time analysing which methods will be most effective in meeting your requirements. VR Movers operates with only reliable and trustworthy professionals in their particular fields. The assurance we give our customers is at best, the bare minimum of what you can expect.

Our team of dedicated professionals, ranging from consultants to on-site specialists, will be there with you at every step of the journey, ensuring the best outcome for every situation. Disposing of items may seem rather simple but here in Singapore, we have strict rules and regulations to adhere to and our disposal service is in line with each and every one of them. Our aim is to ensure that on top of meeting your expectations, we do not break any rules.

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